Simon Says - Soldering Practice PCB

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Simon Says - Soldering Practice PCB

Post by parkview » Fri Jul 14, 2023 3:19 pm

Yes, yet another SW Maker soldering practice PCB. This one is based around the 'Simon Says' game, in which you attempt to press a sequence of buttons following the computers pattern. It's a mixture of thru-hole and 0805 SMD parts and can be powered via a 3V CR2032 battery, or a USB Micro cable.

This is just a test version to see how it feels in the hand and gets me coding again via STM32duino on the STM32G030 MCU:
Simon-Says_v0.1_sml.png (181.97 KiB) Viewed 2013 times

The next version will be 3mm less wide, so I can then have them panelised in a 2x2 format. While only a 2 layer PCB, it's been one of the cheapest yet I have been charged for by JLCPCB, just A$6.05, which includes 5 PCB's, shipping and payment costs.

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