USB-C Variable Boost Power Supply

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USB-C Variable Boost Power Supply

Post by parkview » Thu Jul 13, 2023 12:27 pm

I am working on a project that requires strips of 12V white LEDs. This all has to run from a phone charger battery pack. The initial strip I tried using had 60 white LEDs on it. Turns out it needs 1A at 12V to run the strip of white LEDs. But this requires 4+A at 5V to be fed into a XL6019 based Boost DC-DC converter, which is something double what a USB A based phone power pack can put out and I don't yet have a USB C PD based power pack.

I thought it would be fun to finally upgrade my KiCAD from version 6 to version 7 and have a go at designing up a small PCB for this. 12 hours later and I have this experimental design:
USB-C_Variable_Power-Supply.png (163.11 KiB) Viewed 14579 times

  • ESP32-C3 based MCU
  • three low side MOSFET switched outputs, outputting 7V to 13V at up to 1.5A out
  • XL6019 up to 5A DC-DC Boost converter (check costs and indicators each uses) A$0.95/ea and use a 47uH 5A inductor and a MBRD1045 diode
  • USB C 5V at 3A input
  • Switched Enable on DC-DC converter
  • Green Power LEDs on USB Input, input and output switches
  • Red LED on USB Input polyfuse
  • yellow LED as an indicator that DC-DC converter is working
  • Input and output voltage measurements
  • input current measurement via 20mili ohm sense resistor and a INA180 opamp
  • all voltage measurements via ADC124S101: 1) USB voltage in; 2) DC-DC voltage out; 3) board current; 4) spare
  • provision for a i2C based OLED screen
  • i2C based digital pot to control DC-DC converter output voltage (2.5mA max current flow via wiper!!)
  • 5V i2C translator for digital Pot + ADC124 IC's.
  • i2C 4 Port GPIO PCA9536 expander IC
  • provide some GPIO for external uses

This PCB is now in production.

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