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Basic ESP32-C3 RGB LED Controller

Posted: Wed Sep 07, 2022 9:45 am
by parkview
A while back I did a ESP32 based simple RGB LED controller, but there was no onboard UART, so it had to be programmed via an external USB to UART cable. Now that the ESP32-C3 MCU is available and has been ported into Arduino, I thought it was time to spin out a version based on the C3. The C3-Mini is about two thirds of the size of a ESP32, so using a sprinkling of 0603 and 0402 sized components, I have managed to shrink the PCB down by about a third smaller than the previous controller board.

  • ESP32-C3 MCU
  • USB C connector which provides more current
  • Haptic motor connector
  • two strands of RGB LEDs, ie: WS2812 or a derivative
  • onboard ambient light sensor
  • side activated Mode switch
  • extra user/boot mode switch
  • provision for a i2C based OLED screen
  • onboard Red/Green user LEDs
This is a colorful and fun project board to play around with:
IMG_1827.jpg (105.69 KiB) Viewed 573 times