Yard Cart Part 1 - Query Hitching point

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Yard Cart Part 1 - Query Hitching point

Post by TimH » Fri Jun 18, 2021 1:48 pm

Recently I acquired myself a ride on mower to save hours a fortnight mowing our lawns - it has been brilliant.
Mower photo 1.jpg
Mower photo 1.jpg (513.96 KiB) Viewed 257 times
I noticed that there was a little 16mm connection/hitching point on the back end for yard carts and such.
Mower Photo 2.jpg
Mower Photo 2.jpg (99.4 KiB) Viewed 257 times
when I looked online however I realised how damn expensive a yardcart was (like $600++) and I thought, "Hey I could build one of those out of bits I have lying around + some wheels".

So far I've build the floor frame and attached the bed
Photo Part 1-1.jpg
Photo Part 1-1.jpg (104.42 KiB) Viewed 257 times
Photo Part 1-2.jpg
Photo Part 1-2.jpg (144.97 KiB) Viewed 257 times
and I've pulled my my design out of my head and into sketchup to make sure it's going to work.
210618 - Sketch 1.PNG
210618 - Sketch 1.PNG (923.66 KiB) Viewed 257 times
210618 - Sketch 2.PNG
210618 - Sketch 2.PNG (1.03 MiB) Viewed 257 times
210618 - Sketch 3.PNG
210618 - Sketch 3.PNG (374.22 KiB) Viewed 257 times
210618 - Sketch 4.PNG
210618 - Sketch 4.PNG (869.92 KiB) Viewed 257 times
However, I'm not 100% sure about the connection/hitching point, currently my main beam is going to come in under the ledge I had intended it to sit on and I was going to have an M16 bolt sit through, maybe with a hole drilled and a split/lynch pin.

I'm concerned about it only having one degree of rotational freedom when it really should have two, and also whether the beam will be able to rotate freely or will clash with the back of the mower.

does anyone have any suggestions/experience with this sort of thing?

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Re: Yard Cart Part 1 - Query Hitching point

Post by parkview » Sun Jun 27, 2021 10:21 pm

Looking forward to seeing the end product.

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