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SW Makers STEM Event - 2015

Posted: Wed Jul 15, 2015 7:54 pm
by parkview

with the local SW Science Spectacular going under, or not happening this year. How about we do something our selves. Just a few ideas:

1) We could start small and just setup a few tables at the local Malls on a Saturday morning and display some projects, or 3D print things etc. I am presuming the Malls would like something like that. Alternatively we could setup on a main street, or square. Busselton has a lovely venue at Mitchell Park: cnr of Queen and Prince st.

For the above, we would a number of BYO tables, a small banner and power. Bunnings have/had some cheap $50 light weight tables (like the ones at out first meeting place at the Anglican hall).

2) We could tag along at other events or markets around the place (power might be an issue?)

3) Work with a Local Government and/or other NGO to try and start a true public Science/STEM event of our own. It could be general STEM, or just specialist type of event. Yes, there are more risks ($$$) around this kind of thing, and we would have to run it for a few years to build up awareness etc.

Any thoughts or interest?