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KiCAD Librarian Software

Post by parkview » Sat Dec 28, 2019 6:09 pm

Over the years I have created quite a few specialised component symbols and footprints in KiCAD 4 and 5. For the footprints I found I could just move the *.pretty files into one directory. Yes, it stuffed up all the old projects, but they can be reloaded/re-linked when I next access them.

The Symbol library seemed to be whole lot of files in one directory. Inside some library files (text files), I could see the sub-components. How to migrate them from the different libraries into a new one?

<Trumpet> KiCAD Librarian to the rescue! </Trumpet> ... ian_en.htm

Wonderful software! I just set some search folders for both the Symbol and footprint libraries and it found my cluttered heap of mixed up symbols. It showed me what they looked like and I could compare with my new master copy I had now renamed:
KiCAD_Librarian.jpg (32.82 KiB) Viewed 4513 times
It also backs everything up into a 7Zip file first before any changes are made. In a few minutes I migrated my symbols into the master (one) file. I gave my footprints a quick look over, but they seemed fine.

Very happy with the software!

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